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  • Amy Alvarez

Jana & Bobby Elopement | Austin, Tx | Mt. Bonnell

Oh my, you guys... I am so in love with this couple! They were so adorable and goofy, truly couldn't have asked for a more perfect couple to work with. With her beautiful lacy dress and her very Texan cowboy boots, Jana was looking amazing for her special day.

On our way to the courtroom Jana and Bobby told Judge Jan and I a little about their relationship. It started out like every classic romance. They met at work and became friends first. Although, apparently that isn't what either of them had in mind. Early on in their meeting, they both somehow got the idea that the other was already in a relationship, leaving them both friends for longer than either preferred. How crazy that a simple misunderstanding kept these two love birds apart. I am so happy that they ended up finding their way to each other.

After the ceremony we made our way to Mt. Bonnell where we caught the sunset just in time! We made our way past several cell phone photographers to find just the right spot. I was fortunate enough to crawl in some trees and bushes at the edge of the cliff to get some of these really sweet shots. Don’t worry about me though, there were several tourists below me that could have caught my fall. I am so glad Jana & Bobby trusted me enough to sit on the edge of the cliff themselves, and get these sunset portraits.

So, Jana & Bobby, I am so glad that you chose me to take your elopement portraits. I think that your relationship is truly sweet and beautiful and I wish nothing but the best for you both. I do hope that includes a honeymoon in the near future where you finally get to go to Colorado! Every Texan needs to see some real mountains at least once in their lives. ;)


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