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  • Amy Alvarez

Family in-home Session! | Austin, Tx

What a pleasure it was to take this lovely family’s portraits in South Austin! I was first contacted by Allison about a portrait session that the family wanted to do for her mother’s birthday! They explained when I got there that they usually leave it up to their mom to set up a session and this time it was their treat to her not to have to do any of the work in planning. When she said that they were wanting to shoot an in-home session, I immediately lit up!

I always love the fun and candid nature of lifestyle shoots. So, I went in with a couple of scenarios to work with and this fun family ran with it! We were playing with their pups and we even got to enjoy a lighthearted game of chess, although someone may have been close to flipping the table a time or two!

I think this session was a perfect mixture of formal and silly, especially with such a beautiful home setting and a gorgeous outdoor backdrop to work with. They were all so full of ideas. At the end, I asked if there was anything we missed or anything else they wanted, and Allison disappears up the stairs! When she comes back down with a look of defeat, she simply says, “I didn’t bring my giant Toblerone!” I just laughed. All I could think about was Joey from Friends.

So, to Allison and her lovely family, I would like to say thank you for a fun filled Sunday afternoon. I genuinely admire the efforts you took to bring your family together to celebrate your moms birthday with something you all knew she would love. I understand the struggle of getting together that many adults in one place, and I truly am glad I was able to capture these moments with you.


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