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  • Amy Alvarez

Micah's 3rd Birthday Session! | Vitruvian Park

What a beautiful Saturday morning at Vitruvian Park in Addison, Tx. I can't tell you how long I have been waiting for a sunrise shoot lately! So,I am very excited to share these sweet portraits of Micah's 3rd birthday session with you today!

The fun started early with a quick mom and daughter chase around the park! As much as I would have loved to join in I was stuck protecting my gear so my amazing helper, aka my own mother, decided to take it upon herself to join the chase. It really helped, seeing as Micah's mom, Ashley, had on the most gorgeous yet non-runner friendly high heels! Unfortunately, as you can tell, it didn't take Micah's mom long to go for practicality over fashion and ditch the showstoppers.

As we settled down Micah really began to warm up to us. She finally showed us her super sweet laugh as her mom tickled the smiles right out of her! With that and the promise of candy and a quick getaway after the shoot, I think Micah really started having a good time with the rest of us!

Micah had so much energy for an almost three year old that wanted to stay a two year old! So, of course we just had to finish off our session with an impromptu dance session. With her lollipop in hand and sunglasses on, she was ready to go! Let me just tell you, even with everyone watching and no music on, that little girl can dance!

Micah, one of the coolest three year old kids I've had the pleasure of shooting with in a while, I just have to say thank you for showing me your sweet dance moves and I would love to wish you a very happy 3rd birthday! Keep dancing, laughing, and running through all the birthday's to come. :)


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