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Jadea's Texas State Graduation session!

What a fun time this graduation session was! We basically had the campus to ourselves on the cusp of the pandemic. I am not going to lie, I almost did not do this session at all. It was June 2020 and I was living with a very high risk loved one. I had been doing everything I could to stay safe and at home. I had even stopped doing all other work and was just waiting it out like a lot of other people. Me and Jadea had been talking about this shoot since early March and her session was scheduled for March 21st. But of course that all changed. We pushed it back to June and I knew I couldn't let her down.

I love shooting graduation sessions. There were so many ideas thrown around and so much variety to what we are able to achieve. We were even able to get in an outfit change! Now, if only all the doors on campus weren't locked it might have gone a bit smoother! The confetti and the letter board were such fun props! I thought it would be a good idea to also bring along a mask. I thought this would really encapsulate the times we were in and the struggle it was to get to this poin. As much as we all would like to put the pandemic behind us I think this will help serve as a memory for Jadea that she was able to graduate in an unprecedented situation.

Jadea! I absolutely loved shooting with you, you were so amazing at taking direction and looking perfect while doing it. I loved that you were up for trying fun ideas that may have been a bit challenging in your sweet Texas State maroon dress and heels. Ill never forget the moment you said you would climb up in that stairway arch! You had me on the edge of my seat, girl! WHEW!I am so glad we were able to make this happen. I hope we get to work together again soon!


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