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  • Amy Alvarez

Bluebonnets 2018 | Austin, Tx

If this is not the most adorable bluebonnet session you've ever seen, you are lying to yourself! Here, in Texas, the bluebonnet portraits are a classic staple of the spring season! I am so happy that I got to take these portraits for my niece! This may have been a very last minute, impromptu, session but luckily this cutie is always dressed to impress.

It may have taken just a little bit of bribery but, I think it is safe to say that she had a blast! How could she not when she had Grams dancing around behind me and mom and dad holding M&M's over my head! Not to mention various roaring sounds coming from yours truly. I think my favorite part would have to be when dad had to lay on the ground in front of her to make her laugh and keep her from leaving her pose too soon. :)

I absolutely adored her matching bow and t-shirt. Her whole outfit just screamed, "Take my pictures!!!" By the way, if you find yourself wondering where you can get such amazingly cute bows and t-shirts her beautiful bow was made by Kelsey at Grace and Joy bows and her shirt was made by The Chelsey Creative.

Thank you, Amber and Shelby, for coming down to see us this weekend and letting me take these beautiful portraits of your amazing little girl! Cannot wait to see you guys again very soon!


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